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Rubaru means a series of discussion and dialogue over various issues. The discussions are designed like one-to-one interaction so that youth may feel free to put their views comfortably in front of subject experts. It helps to make them clear their mental cobwebs and perhaps reorient worldviews. The main aim of Rubaru process is to provide an opportunity to young minds to get involve in bilateral discussion with technical experts as well as experts from particular field of work. By this young volunteer can get various information through an interesting discussion.​ Till now we managed to arrange the Rubaru sessions over the following topics:

  1. Youth & Entrepreneurship

  2. LGBTQIA+ & Community

  3. Death Penalty

  4. Kabir Singh & Masculinity

  5. Youth In Politics 

  6. Intergenerational Sex Work in Bedia Community

  7. Sex Education


Heritage & Cultural Walks 

It is an initiative started by us to enrich and spread the feeling of fraternity among the youth. In this we’ve started to celebrate various festivals of Indian subcontinent symbolically with young fellows. So, they can realize the social harmony and fraternity through exploring different religions, castes and faiths. Also, we’ve organized special cultural walks for young fellows to give them a chance to explore, identify, discuss, and respect different religious places, idols and traditions.

Since we have core value of fraternity in the preamble of our constitution, we’ve planned this activity which involves different celebrations as well as discussions to boost this value among young minds.

Movie Club

In our movie club, we explore powerful stories and ideas through films. Each month, we screen a carefully selected movie that tackles pressing social issues such as inequality, discrimination, and environmental degradation and other issues. After each screening, we'll engage in thought-provoking discussions to delve deeper into the themes and characters presented in the film. Our goal is not only to entertain but also to educate and inspire youth to learn and ask questions. By bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we hope to create a space for empathy, understanding, and collective problem-solving. "Together, we can harness the transformative power of cinema to drive positive change in our communities and beyond."


Community Library for All 

We have organized a library consisting about 500 books for students and youth preparing for competitive exams, we have made available coaching Center notes, related magazines such as Pratiyogita Darpan etc. to assist in preparations. We bought books from Drishti Delhi which is best coaching center notes for students preparing for civil services. Also we are having the books of fictions, poetries, history and of different ideologies in our Library setup. 

Exposure Visits

We always see exposure visits as a great way to show the youth the mirror of society. And showing this mirror always comes with the positive impact because the youth get to know & understand the social issues seriously and closely. We see exposure visits not only as tools to connect youth to issues, but also as necessary opportunities to give platforms to their talents and to enhance their skills.


The main aim of the exposure visits is that to provide an opportunity to young minds to get involved with ground realities and to get first-hand information and to develop their writing, observation skill and public interaction abilities.


Samvidhan Live Game

The main objective of the Samvidhan Live game is to help the youth to enhance their understanding of constitutional values along with boosting their capabilities. With this game they can live the Constitution every day and throughout this process their qualities like leadership, confidence, creativity and artistry will be also enhanced. Also, it will help them to get social, judicial and constitutional exposure.

This game is designed to connect more young people & minds with constitutional values and to help them in the process of exploration and feelings. Samvidhan live is an interacting game which gives young minds a chance to explore Fundamental Rights & Duties in the form of various tasks based upon them. These various tasks will help them boost their leadership, writing skills, confidence, and time management. It also provides a chance to interacts with diverse people.

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